Tractor Belarus 952. Description

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Tractor Belarus 952 capable of working in various fields, industries and farms. This diversity is due to the presence of the tractor huge assortment of additional mechanisms and devices. There are about 69 units of various equipment designed to perform highly specialized tasks. Wheeled tractor is able to be widely used in the agricultural sector performing the work and processing of soil for sowing to harvesting and transport operations. Tractor is used in municipal and forestry, and also carries out work on construction sites.

To mount gaudreau equipment in the base has a universal hydraulics. Belarus 952 has a mechanical lock of the rear hitch and cross bar hitch. Sale Belarus 952 is complete with pendulum drawbar hitch, towing device and drive pulley. Wheeled tractor Belarus 952 capable of be equipped with all kinds of trailer, semi-trailer, a bimini and other removable devices, expanding its scope and provides year-round profitability. For devices running from the PTO, there will be an independent two-speed PTO with hydraulic control system.

In addition to the excellent technical characteristics of wheeled tractor Belarus 952 capable of providing comfort and safety to the operator. This is achieved through the availability of Belarus 952 safe and comfortable cab, which is fully in line with EU requirements. New modern trim with full nosing diesel tractor contributes to an attractive appearance. Working lights front and rear on cab tractor, will allow for night work.

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