Safety precautions

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Safety precautions

Strict observance of safety precautions, accurate execution of tractor Belarus 952 driving and operation regulations and maintenance shall guarantee complete safety of its application.

Safety precautions when operating the tractor Belarus 952

ATTENTION! When starting up the engine and operating the controls, always stay in the cab on the operator’s seat

General Instructions

• Prior to tractor use, study operator’s manual carefully. Insufficient knowledge on tractor driving and operation can result in accidents. • Specially trained and qualified operators only are allowed to operate the tractor Belarus 952.

• If the tractor is equipped with a safety belt, use it during operation. If not, contact the dealer.

• Never admit a passenger to the cab unless the latter is provided with an additional seat and hand-rail. There is no other safe seat for a passenger in the cab!

• Keep all warning plates clean. In case of their damage or loss, replace them by new ones.

• Prior to operation, carefully inspect the tractor and a trailed mechanism. Start operation having made sure that they are in good repair. The trailed agricultural mechanisms and transport trailers shall be fitted with rigid hitches excluding their swinging and rear-end collision with the tractor during transportation.

• Prior to starting the diesel engine, the parking brake shall be applied; the gear shift lever shall be set to the neutral position and the PTO lever – in the OFF position.

• Prior to starting the movement, warn the bystanders and the persons working on the trailed mechanisms with a horn.

• Never leave the moving tractor Belarus 952(MTZ). • Prior to leaving the cab, disengage the PTO, stop the engine, apply the parking brake, take off the starter switch key and set the battery disconnect switch to the OFF position.

It is forbidden to de-energize the electric equipment system by the starter and instrumentation switch and/or battery disconnect switch until the engine is stopped.

• Do not operate the tractor Belarus 952 indoors without necessary ventilation. Exhaust gases can result in fatal outcome!

• In case of failure of the engine or steering control, stop the tractor immediately. Keep in mind that turning the steering wheel for controlling the tractor Belarus 952 when the engine is stopped requires much more force. In case of failure of the steering control, a lamp of emergency oil pressure in the HVSS lights up.

• Do not work under lifted agricultural implements. During durable stops, leave the attached implement lifted.

• If the front part of the tractor takes off when attaching heavy mechanisms and implements, mount front weights.

• When operating the front lift, fill in the rear tires with liquid ballast.

• Prior to lifting and lowering the attached agricultural implements as well as when turning the tractor Belarus 952, make sure that there is no risk of hitting or snagging on somebody or any obstacle.

• When moving with attached mechanisms or implements, always apply a mechanism to lock on the attachment in lifted position. • The drive shaft transferring the rotation from the tractor Belarus 952 PTO to the driven components shall be enclosed.

• Make sure that any additional equipment or auxiliaries are in- stalled correctly and that they are designed for application with your tractor Belarus 952. Keep in mind that your tractor, if used unduly can be danger- ous both for yourself and other persons. Do not operate equipment not designed for installation on the tractor.

• To avoid turnover, be careful when driving the tractor Belarus 952(MTZ). Choose safe speed corresponding to road conditions, particularly when driving cross-country, passing the ditches, slopes and during sharp turns.

• When operating on the slopes, increase the tractor track to the maximum value.

• Do not make sharp turns under full load and high speed.

• When using the tractor Belarus 952 for transportation works:

- increase the tractor track to at least 1800 mm;

- interlock the brake pedals, check and, if necessary, adjust the brakes to synchronous action;

- check operation of the parking brake, brake pneumatic drive and trailer brakes;

- check the state of the light and audio alarm devices;

- transport trailers shall be fitted with rigid hitches and connected by means of the safety chain or rope;

- never drive downhill with switched-off gear (coasting), apply the same gear both down and uphill;

- it is forbidden to work with the trailer without independent brakes, if its weight exceed half actual weight of the tractor. The faster you move and the larger the towed mass is, the larger the safety distance shall be;

- disengage the FDA to avoid excessive wear and tear of the drive parts and tires;

- do not use rear axle differential lock (DL) at the speed of above 10 km/h and during turns;

Important! Use the synchronous PTO drive at the lower gears of the gearbox at the tractor movement speed not exceeding 8 km/h. Other- wise, the tractor’s power train can be severely damaged.

- do not stop the tractor Belarus 952 on the slopes. If the stop is still necessary, engage the 1 st gear and apply the parking brake.

• when operating the equipment driven by PTO, make sure that the PTO coupler shank has fully stopped after stopping the engine before leaving the cab and disconnecting the equipment.

• Do not wear loose clothes when operating PTO or near the rotating equipment.

• When operating stationary mechanisms driven by PTO, always ap- ply the parking brake and lock on the rear wheels from the front and behind. Make sure that the mechanism has been reliably secured. • Make sure that the PTO coupler shank protection has been installed and, if the PTO is not used, refit the cap of the PTO coupler shank.

• Do not clean, adjust or maintain the equipment driven with PTO, when the engine is running. Safety precautions during the maintenance

• Never refuel the tractor when the engine is running.

• Never smoke when refuelling.

• Never fill the tank to the top. Leave some space for fuel expansion.

• Never add gasoline or mixtures to diesel fuel. These combinations can increase the risk of fire or explosion.

• Use the summer or winter fuel grades properly. Refill the tank at the end of each day to reduce night moisture condensation.

• To avoid fuel spillage during the mechanized refuelling of the trac- tor, remove the mesh filter from the fuel tank neck. The mesh filter is designed for tractor manual refuelling under field conditions. • Fill in the tractor Belarus 952 with oils and lubricants recommended by the manu- facturer. Application of other lubricating materials is strictly forbidden!

• Any operations related to cleaning the engine and tractor Belarus 952, preoperation, maintenance, etc. should be performed with the engine stopped and tractor Belarus 952 braked.

• Cooling system operates under pressure, which is maintained by a valve installed in the cap of the filler neck. It is dangerous to remove the lid on the hot diesel engine. To avoid burns of hands and face, unplug the radiator neck cap on the hot engine carefully, having put a thick cloth on the cap and a gauntlet on the hand.

• To avoid burns, be careful when draining the cooling fluid or water from the cooling system and/or hot oil from the engine, hydraulic system and transmission.

• When servicing the storage batteries, be careful because the contact of electrolyte with the skin causes burns.

• To avoid the risk of explosion, keep any sources of open flame away from the engine fuel system and storage batteries.

• Keep the tractor Belarus 952 and its equipment, particularly the brakes and steering, in serviceable condition to ensure your and bystanders’ safety.

• Do not make any modifications to the tractor or any parts thereof without approval of your dealer and manufacturer.

Safety requirements during operation and maintenance of electrical equipment

• To avoid damage of semiconductor devices and resistors, observe the following precautions:

- do not disconnect the storage battery (SB) terminals with the engine running. This will cause peak voltage to appear in the discharge circuit and lead to unavoidable failure of diodes and transistors;

- do not disconnect electric cables until the engine is shut down and all switches are off;

- do not allow a short circuit to occur due to incorrect wire connection. Short circuit or wrong polarity will cause failure of diodes and transistors;

- do not connect the SB to electrical equipment system until the polarity of outputs and voltage is verified;

- do not check the presence of electric current by producing a spark, since this would lead to immediate breakdown of the transistors. Hygienic requirements

• Fill in a vacuum flask with fresh portable water daily.

• Firs-air kit shall be necessarily stuffed with bandages, tincture of iodine, ammonia spirit, borated petrolatum, soda, validol and dipyrone.

• Depending on the operating conditions, use the natural ventilation of the cab or the latter’s heating and cooling unit.

• Should the durations of the continuous work on the tractor exceed 2.5 hours within a working shift, the noise protection facilities to State Standard รฮัา 12.4.051-87 (earplugs, antiphones) shall be used. Fire safety requirements • The tractor shall be provided with fire-fighting equipment, i.e. a spade and fire extinguisher. It is forbidden to operate the tractor Belarus 952 without fire- extinguishing equipment.

• The places for parking the tractor and storing the combustive and lubricating materials shall be tilled with a strip of min 3 m wide and provided with fire-extinguishing equipment.

• Do not allow manifold and silencer soiling with dust, fuel, straw, etc.

• Do not allow straw to wind around rotating parts of mechanisms unitized with the tractor Belarus 952.

• When washing the parts and assembly units in kerosene or gasoline, take measures excluding ignition of flushing liquid vapours.

• Do not operate the tractor in firerisky place with the bonnet and other protective facilities removed from the heated engine parts.

• Do not allow using open flame to heat oil in engine pan or burn out soiling of radiator core. • If a seat of fire occurs, strew sand over it and cover it with tarpaulin, sack cloth or other thick fabric. Use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Do not extinguish burning fuel with water.

• Watch that there are no highly inflammable materials near the manifold and the silencer when the engine is running.

• When harvesting hay, straw, working in places of higher fire risk, apply spark suppressors in the exhaust system as an assembly with the silencer or independently.

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