Belarus tractors and MTZ spare parts

"Selsnab" LLC

About us

Selsnab LLC is one of the leading tractor and tractor spare parts wholesale suppliers in Belarus. Our specialised industry knowledge and many years of experience have enabled us to gain an excellent reputation, both on domestic market and abroad. The highest quality of production and affordable prices are the basis of our success. Our customers include large construction companies, oil and gas sector companies, machine-building factories. We offer a wide range of Belarus tractors and spare parts for all MTZ models at the best prices. You are always welcome to contact us by telephone, fax or email and we will answer any of your questions or enquiries.

Selsnab LLC, Masyukovschina 2v, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, Fax: +375 17 509-60-46, +375 17 509-64-51;phone for receiving applications.: +375 29 610 20 37 ,