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Engine (Buy engines for tractors Belarus 952)

Diesel engine lubrication system

Type: combined, with oil radiator (or LOHE for tractors 900.3/920.3/950.3/952.3).

Min oil pressure: 0.08 MPa (0.8 kgf/cm 2 ) at 600 rpm.

Normal oil pressure: 0.20.3 MPa (23 kgf/cm 2 ). Max pressure at cold diesel engine: up to 0.6 MPa (6 kgf/cm 2 ).

Lubrication system capacity: 12 l. Motor oil brands:

- from -40C to +5C: M-8DM; M-8G 2 , M-8 2K or M4 3 /8G 2 (SAE-20, SAE 10W-20);

- from +5C to +50C: M-10DM; M-10G 2 ; M-10G 2K (SAE-30);

- multigrade oil: SAE 15W-40. Engine feed system Fuel pump: 4-plunger pump, in-line, with boost pump.

Governor: mechanical, variable-speed (with antismoke pneumatic equalizer for diesel engines D-245.5/D-245.5C/ D-245.5 S2/D-245.43 S2).

Turbocharger: centripetal radial turbine on a shaft with centrifugal compressor (D- 245.5/ D-245.5C/D-245.5 S2/-245.43 S2).

Charge air cooler (for D-245.5S2/- 245.43S2): air-air type, mounted prior to water radiator.

Fuel filters: coarse filter and secondary fil- ter (with removable paper filter element). Fuel brand: Diesel: summer L-0.2-40, L-0.5-40; winter -0.2, -0.5; at - 50C A-0.2, -0.4.

Fuel tank capacity: 130 l (2 tanks); 120 l (one tank) for tractors with hydraulic lift.

Air cleaner: combined, with centrifugal and oil-bath air cleaning.

Air cleaner oil bath capacity: 1.5 l (3.0 l for the D-245.5 engine).

Donaldson dry-type air cleaner for - 245.5 S2/ D-245.43 S2.

Engine starting system

Electric starter type, 12 V or 24 V. Easy starting facilities:

- electric torch pre-heater (filament plug in the intake manifold) or filament plugs in diesel cylinder head (for the engines with the index S2).

Engine cooling system

Type: water, closed with forced liquid circulation, temperature controlled by the thermostatic regulator and a shutter from the drivers seat, with expansion tank (for D-245.5 S2/D-245.43 S2).

Normal operating temperature: from 80C to 100C.

Cooling system capacity: 20 l.

Steering control

Type: Hydrostatic power steering with steering cylinder in the steering linkage. Independent oil tank of HPS (for Belarus - 900.3/920.3/950.3/952.3).

Safety valve adjustment pressure 14 MPa. Shock valve adjustment pressure 20 MPa.

Oil brands:

BECHEM Stariol 32; ADDINAL Hydraulikol HLP 32; THK Hydraulic HLP 32. Feed pump capacity: 21 l/min (28 l/min) * Hydraulic cylinder: two-way type, bore: 50 mm (63 mm) *

stroke: 200 mm.

Metering pump: volumetric constant: 100 cm 3 /rev (160 cm 3 /rev) * , operating pressure: from 10 to 14 MPa. Installed at the front wall of the cab.

Steering wheel position control limits:

by inclination: from 25 to 40 with fixation through 5;

by height: within the range of 100 mm.

Steering wheel free play: not more

* For the FDA with planetary-cylindrical reducing gears (BELARUS-920.2/920.3/952.2/952.3) than 25C. Clutch Type: friction, dry, single-disk, with tangen- tial suspension of the pressure plate. Driven disk diameter 340 mm. Gearbox Type: 7/2, mechanical, stepwise, syn- chronized, dual-range. I range (stage): 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd gear of for- ward motion and one gear of reverse. II range (stage): 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th gears of forward motion and one of reverse.

ATTENTION! The 4 th gear can be only engaged if the II range is selected.

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