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The versatile all-wheel drive 105 hp category 1.4 tractor is designed for a wide range of agricultural operations: i.e. from preparing the soil for sowing to harvesting and other carrying operations. They may be used for forestry, municipal, and building industry purposes. The tractors are fit for operating in different climatic zones and may be exploited in the aqueous soil. The characteristic feature of the tractors is reliability and economic efficiency at low operating costs and high productivity. The versatility and high link ability of the tractors support the building-block approach to wide-cut and combined category 1.4 machines as well as the majority of the 2.0 category machines. The tractor is equipped with high-efficient, easy in operation and maintenance, 4-cylinder engine with turbocharging from Minsk Motor Plant. It is possible to install the engine, supporting the second stage of European ecological requirements. Comfortable, safe cab with wrap-around tinted glasses provides good visibility and low noise level. All tractor controls are placed in convenience areas. The gearbox supports the speed variation from creep (2,3 km/h) to maximum (40 km/h) forward travel speed. This allows to select any agrotechnical travel speed depending on types of operations. Travel speeds shift easily by means of synchronizers, and ranges – by gear clutch. Control is performed by two gearbox levers. At reducing the rear wheels ground contact or increasing the tractive effort, the front driving axle is engaged automatically. Hydrostatic steering control provides easy and simple tractor control at any operations. For increasing the drawbar features it is provided automatic differential lock at significant difference of rear wheel slipping and disengagement at more then 13˚C angle front wheels turning. The tractor is equipped with drawbar devices, intended for building-block approach with all agricultural machinery and implements.

General data

Constructive Weight, kg


Shipping Weight, kg


Operated Weight, kg


Maximum allowable weight (total), kg


Wheelbase, mm


Overall dimensions: Length, mm


Overall dimensions: Width, mm


Overall dimensions: Height, mm



Rated Power, kW (hp)

79 (107)

Factor of torque backup, %


Power train



Number of gears forward


Number of gears backward


Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft

Rear PTO:


Mounted hydraulic system (MHS)

Rear MHS:


Hydraulic Sistem

Maximum Pressure, MPa


Pump Capacity, l/min


Running System



Wheel Arrangement


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