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The section “TRACTOR AGGREGATION” contains the necessary information on the peculiarities of the intended use of the BELARUS tractor of your model including the recommendations on the aggregation, selection of machines, conditions of safe use of the tractor and determining the steerability criterion, rules of correct completing of machine-tracto r aggregates (hereinafter referred to as the MTA or tractor-based aggregate) as well as some other necessary documentation, making it possible to assess the possibility of using the tractor with machines within MTA’s.

The recommendations for aggregation of the specific technical means differing at to their nomenclature and performance characteristics, including description of their design, information on their adjustment, procedure of completing the MTA and technique of performance of the works are provided in the operating documentation for agricultural machines.

1. Intended use of the tractor

Purpose and specialization:

Wheeled universal agricultural-purpose tilling tractor providing the operation of machines as a power source.

Kinds of the main agricultural works to be performed:

Cultivation and harvesting of row crops, sowing of cereal crops, harvesting of straw and grasses, transportation works, fertilizing and spraying of fields and gardens, overall tillage, harrowing and ploughing.

Method of use:

Aggregation of machines with the help of three-point mounted attachments and hitching mechanisms within the MTA.

Conditions of aggregation of machines:

The tractor provides for the possibility of operation of the machines, the performance characteristics of which are compatible in the part of the aggregation capability with the overall dimensions and allowable vertical static loads on the traction hitch mechanisms and running gear of the tractor as to connecting dimensions, possibility of motion at the necessary speed, power intake and realization of a tractive force under specific operation conditions, overall dimensions and allowable vertical static loads on the traction hitch mechanisms.

Operation constraint:

The possibilities of use of the tractor under specific conditions are determined by the allowable range of the rated tractive forces at the hook and power of the engine and limited by the maximum allowable loads on the tractor, hitching capabilities of the running gear and allowable skidding, working motion speed, allowable power intake and mass of the machines to be aggregated.

Operation guidelines:

The tractor shall be operated and the safety requirements when aggregating and servicing the same shall be met in full compliance with the Operating Manual for the tractor, normative documents for labour protection and road regulations. The manufacturer only guarantees the possibility of reliable and safe operation of the tractor provided the customer observes the rules and conditions of the operation, maintenance, transportation and storage specified in this Manual, as well as intactness of the seals. Subject to observance of all the guidelines of the tractor manufacturer, including the speed mode, it is allowed to use the tractor for performing non-agricultural kinds of works as a power source by aggregating the machines in the MTA using standard working equipment intended for aggregating.

Qualification of the servicing personnel:

The operation of the tractor by driving and aggregating the same shall be allowed to the persons (hereinafter referred to as tractor drivers, operators) having passed special training and instruction on the matters of the labour protection, having the documents in the form provided by the legislation for the right of driving a tractor and having obtained the permit for operation of a specific tractor.

The owners as well as officials and other persons responsible for the technical condition and operation of the tractor are barred from allowing the tractor to participate in the road traffic and be operated with violation of the requirements of the road regulation and this Manual for the tractor. The owner of the tractor (or person responsible for its operation) shall read carefully this Manual and fulfil all the safety requirements and operation rules stated therein.

Should the owner of the tractor (or person responsible for its operation) does not work on the tractor him/herself, he/she shall make sure obligatorily that all the persons pertaining to the tractor have got the instructions for safety precautions and correct aggregation of the tractor with machines as well as read carefully the Operating Manual for the tractor and understood c omprehensively the same.

The tractor driver working on the tractor bears the personal responsibility for observance of the road regulations and safety precautions as well as for correctness of using the tractor in accordance with the Operating Manual for the tractor. Prior to performing the works, the tractor driver shall read also the technical documentation for the machine to be operated with the tractor.

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