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PowerPack TCD 4.1/6.1 & TCD 12.0/16.0
Engine for Industrial Applications 80 - 520 kW / 108 - 697 hp



hese are the characteristics of the PowerPack TCD 4.1/6.1 & TCD 12.0/16.0: Ready to install engines with coolers for mobile machinery in the power range from 80 to 520 kW based on the engine series TCD 4.1/6.1 and TCD 12.0/16.0. Reduced installation work and cost. The standardised components and connection points are exactly specified. The cooling layout is optimised for every engine model in terms of performance and noise. The engines can be equipped with a suction or pusher fan. Engine and cooler are mounted on a self-supporting frame. A frameless version with a loose cooler is available as an option. Easy access to the fuel filters due to variable mounting positions. Taking charge of the exhaust aftertreatment of the TCD 4.1/6.1 the DVERT® Particulate Filter can either be mounted on top or on the side of the PowerPack. For the TCD 12.0/16.0 the exhaust aftertreatment is achieved by the SCR catalyst which is shipped.

Information taken from the site www.deutz.com

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